As time goes on I will be adding more fibres to the range.

Every fibre I choose to work with will be of the highest quality so you can enjoy your products for years and years to come.

They will also be naturally derived so that when your products do reach the end of their life cycle you can add them to your compost bin or simply bury them.

organic cotton

Organic cotton is naturally non-allergenic, it's perfect for babies and sensitive skin.

Growing organic cotton not only replenishes the soil life and reduces impact on air quality, it also uses 88% less water than conventionally grown cotton.

Growing cotton conventionally uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world.

Since organic cotton hasn't been degraded by chemicals, it doesn't pill easily or trap odours as much as conventional cotton.

Before use, hand or machine wash (in a wash bag), on a cool and gentle setting. Find a spot in the shade and dry on a flat surface. Please do not tumble dry, iron or bleach.