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jord (earth)

Jord was created out of my love for our beautiful, living planet... and my insatiable appetite for all things crochet.

Welcome to my one woman show, where I am the designer, creator and all around mastermind of this whole operation.

As you can probably tell, I love crochet.

Throughout the years I've honed my skill enough to know that the quality of the yarn is just as important as the quality of construction and given my many years of tireless experience, I'm happy to say the construction is now second nature.

It's also why I only create with the highest quality 100% certified organic cotton yarn. Although I will expand my fibre range as they become locally available and sustainably worked.

Each item is crocheted by my own hands with the loving care and attention to detail I give to all my creations.

I hope they bring you as much use and joy as they bring me.



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